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Wikipedia :

This article from the site of Wikipedia contain information about different types of water heaters. For example, did you know that the water temperatures of a water heater should be adjust around 55°C to 60°C ?

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Office of Energy Efficiency (Natural Ressources Canada) :

The Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE) is Canada's centre of excellence for energy, efficiency and alternative fuels information. The OEE is mandated to strengthen and expand Canada's commitment to energy efficiency in order to help address the Government of Canada's policy objectives.

The sections that deal specifically with water heaters include various information such as energy efficiency rating of various models sold in Canada.

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The use of a single three-element water heater won’t make a huge impact on Québec’s power system. But if hundreds of thousands of households used three-element water heaters, the collective electricity demand would be better balanced thanks to lower power demand at peak periods.

Choosing a three-element water heater is an environmentally responsible choice that is part of a broad effort to use Québec’s hydroelectric resources more wisely.

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ENERGY WISE Home Diagnostic (Hydro-Québec)

You can see your energy costs by use (heating, water heating, etc.).

The ENERGY WISE Home Diagnostic will give you a personalized energy evaluation. To obtain all this information, just answer the ENERGY WISE Home Diagnostic questionnaire.

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