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More than 40 years of experience in water-heating !

About Us Historique Entreprise Girouard chauffe-eau watertank Montréal

In the early 70s, Yvon Girouard, heating technician, decided to start up his own business. His entrepreneurship, his independence and an expanding market led to the creation of “Entreprises Griouard Inc.”

The adventure began on Souligny street in Montreal in a small locale. The young company specialized at the time in the maintenance and reparation of fuel oil water-heaters. It wasn’t long before they could not keep up with the demand. The office too cramped, it too no longer met the needs of the growing company. A move was inevitable in 1975 when the company moved into a bigger office on 5th avenue in Montreal. In 1983, a new service was offered: installation of water-heaters with installation teams.

In the early 90s, the company was taken over by André Plante et Gaétan Taillon, both related to M. Girouard, and employed by the company since 1973 and 1982 respectively. The need to expand was felt once again. The company moved to a new location on 4th avenue in Montreal. In 1995, in order to serve more clientele the company adapted its products and services to include the installation and maintenance of electric water-heaters as well.

For several years now, Mr. Andre Plante’s son, Jean-Francois, certified plumber, joined the ranks of the company after having thrived for several years in building construction.

From father-in-law to step-son, and from father and son, the history of "Entreprises Griouard" was decidedly of sustainability and things taken to heart.